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The quality is good, Bibi know

Do you still have a good tool to worry about? DIGE for your worries!

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Focus on providing a good tool for fastening, removing maintenance specialist

From Taiwan to the mainland,
the quality is the same, the service is better!
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Precision fastening lock tool manufacturing expert
Comprehensive strength

Scale production base, advanced production equipment, delivery time is guaranteed.

Full range of industrial screw lock tool to help enterprises to improve industrial productivity, enhance the quality of

With a number ofFamous mobile phones, digital cameras, notebook computers and other manufacturers of long-term cooperation

The Taiwan imports 15, quality
inspection process

Create high precision quality

100% Taiwan original research,Development, manufacturing,
quality assurance

The measurement precision of 15 inspection process, quality strictly

Emperor court products have passedCCC、UL、CE、FCCAnd
other security certification

Professional technical team,Using a unique technique
Solve problems for enterprises

Technical staff of more than 10 years of professional experience in R & D, R & D strength

According to your actual needs, provide technical analysis, product form

The unique innovative technology, and continuously improve the locking performance of the tool, make assembly easier

National fast distribution, free trial,
life service

for 7*24 hours, for your answers questions

all products 2 years long warranty, life-long service

When the world single,on the day of delivery


Client witness

Excellent quality and good after-sales service.
Excellent quality and good after-sales service.

since the emperor and court precision cooperation of trials and hardships, they have excellent quality and good after-sales service.... >more

Honesty, to take advantage of the letter
Honesty, to take advantage of the letter

Emperor court has inherited and carried forward the precision of the good faith to take advantage of the business essence... >more

DIGE precision,一个值得信赖好品牌
DIGE precision, a trusted brand

I and the emperor's court precision is a partner for many years, so many years of business dealings let us more understanding... >more

Emperor Pavilion product quality is good, the operation is convenient

Emperor court precision in this industry, it is really hard to do products, their products are also very good... >more

Abouts precise

东莞市DIGE precision电机有限公司
Dongguan City, emperor court Precision Motor Co., Ltd

Dongguan Tai Ge Precision Motor Co., Ltd. is a commitment to the professional R & D, manufacturing, sales of production line of industrial grade electric screwdriver, professional lock pay process improvement and development, automatic detection equipment, precision testing equipment and automated matching lock pay, precision motor of Taiwan funded enterprises!

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Emperor court precision
Professional pneumatic,lock tool supplier

100%Taiwan original research, manufacturing, trustworthy!

National advisory hotline:
Common questions
Scale on an electric screwdriver?
answer:Torque curve... >more
Electric screwdriver and cutter head
answer:According to the use frequency of 1-3 months for a carbon brush... >more
Voltage of electric screwdriver?
answer:here are two kinds, one is the electric line.... >more
Electric screwdriver?
answer:he tool must be grounded and insulated if the insulation is damaged... >more


Reliable fastener lock tool supplier 100%Taiwan original factory manufacturing,

Products are widely used in industrial electronics、
Automobile assembly

Customer back rate as high as 99%
Look ten times, as soon as a call to ask

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